Peer Reviewed Journal Articles​

Book Chapters

  • Xie, M. (2020). Social credit system and self-censorship in China. In A. Akande & B. E. Johansen (Eds.), Dissecting “Trumpism:” The global nationalistic surge in historical, sociopolitical, cultural, environmental, and economic context.

  • Chao, C., & Xie, M. (In press). I am in the homeless home or I am always on the way home:  
    Formatting identity and imagined community through ethnic media use. In E. Ngwainmbi (Ed.), Compromised identities: The role of social media in dismantling ethnic and national borders. Routledge. 

  • Louis-Charles, H., & Xie, M. (2020). The Annual Tribal Emergency Management Workshop and the Bureau of Indian Affairs- Three years of building bridges and increasing capacities among Tribal nations. In H. Louise-Charles, E. Zendejas, P. O’Neil, & J. Zendejas. (Eds.), Tribal management and emergency services in the 21st century: Research and practice. Springer.

  • Xie, M., & Pang, M. (2019). Gender and career development in nonprofit organizations: Comparative study of female leadership in China, South Africa, and the U.S. In C. Chao & L. Ha (Eds.), Asian women leadership: A cross-national and cross-sector comparison (pp. 159-172). Routledge.

  • Chao, C., Tian, D., & Xie, M. (2016). Friendship and romantic relationship and communication in China. In G. Jian & G. Ray (Eds.), Relationships and communication in East Asian cultures: China, Japan, and Korea (pp. 41-64). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

Work in Progress

  • Xie, M., & Bryan, T. (Under review). Stakeholder engagement online: A social media analytical framework for nonprofit organizations. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing.

  • Bennett, D., Louise-Charles, H., Xie, M., & Nunez, R. (Under review). The case for interdisciplinarity: A systematic review of disaster literature. Disaster Prevention and Management.

  • Ding, M., & Xie, M. (In progress). Twitter elite in the public sphere: Analysis of Twitter use by U.S. mayors. Government Information Quarterly.

  • Hu, X., & Xie, M. (In progress). Information technology and civic participation: Social media use by environmental nonprofit organizations in China.

  • Xie, M., & Gao, X. (In progress). Best practice of social media use by public and nonprofit organizations. 

Other Publications




  • Xie, M. (2014). The communication of Christianity in contemporary China. Beijing, China: Tuanjie Press.

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Other Publications

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