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Professional Service: Testimonials
Professional Service: Testimonials

Special Issue Guest Editor

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Communication and the Public, 9(1), 2024

The Platformation and Transformation of the Digital Public Sphere

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Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, 13(1), 2020

"Global Conflict and Local Resolution"

Professional Service: Testimonials

Journal Reviewer


Public Administration Review


Public Anthropologist


Negotiation and Conflict Management Research


Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs


Information Development


Journalism and Mass Communication Educator

Professional Service: Testimonials

Other Professional Services

Committee Member

ARNOVA Membership Committee, 2023-2025


Award committee for Outstanding Book in Nonprofit and Voluntary Action Research Application and the Virginia Hodgkinson Research Book Prize, ARNOVA, 2023

Committee Member

Virginia A. Hodgkinson award committee, ARNOVA, 2022
UMD Do Good Institute & ARNOVA Global Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Award Committee, 2021;
International Communication Association, Activism, Communication, and Social Justice Internationalization initiatives, 2021

Panels Organizer and Facilitator

Corresponding Chair and Panel Program Planner, International Research Society for Public Management 2022 conference, Exploring Changing Relations with Civil Society: New Public Governance, Commissioning, Hybrid Organizations and Street Level Bureaucrats, Virtual Conference, April 19-22, 2022

“Renewal and Transformation: How Service Learning Can Renew our Vision in Teaching and Transform Teacher and Student Experiences During a Global Pandemic;” “Renewal, Restoration, and Transformation: The Role and Impact of Social Media on Asian Communities During Public Health Crisis and Social Challenges;” “Renewal and Transformation: Theorizing Pedagogical Practices from the Center and the Margins while Facing the Global Pandemic Challenges” for the 107th NCA conference, Nov 18-21, 2021;

“Communication Pedagogy at the Crossroads: Strategies, Research, and Theory for Communication Instructors” for the 106th NCA conference, Nov 18-21, 2020;

“Communication at Play in Chinese Community: Cultural Transformation and Innovation in Digital Age” for the 104th NCA conference, Nov 8-11, 2018.


The 71st International Communication Association Annual Conference, Intercultural Communication Division, two papers; Ethnicity and Race in Communication Division: two papers and one panel proposal;
The 70th International Communication Association Annual Conference, Intercultural Communication Division, five papers; Activism, Communication, and Social Justice interest group, one panel proposal;
The 107th National Communication Association Annual Convention, Mass Communication Division (two individual papers and one paper session), Organizational Communication Division (four individual papers); April, 2021;
The 101th National Communication Association Annual Convention, Association of Chinese Communication Studies (9 papers and 2 panels), Apr 20-24, 2015.

Panel Chair

The 49th ARNOVA annual conference, “Environmental Justice, Conservation, & Climate change,” Nov 11-14, 2020.


The 49th ARNOVA annual conference, Early Scholars Section Mentor and Buddy Program, Nov 11-14, 2020.

Professional Service: List
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